Chicken crescent Ring

Chicken crescent Ring is one of the simple appetizer that’s ready to serve within no time. Perfect for holiday brunch, birthday dinners and sports gatherings! It’s a new twist on BBQ Chicken, and it is definitely a new family favorite. And this is a recipe I’m sure we will make again and again. BBQ ChickenContinue reading “Chicken crescent Ring”

Tuscan Chicken

Full of flavors ,this one pot Tuscan Chicken lunch made on the stove top, in less than 30 minutes.No extra pots or pans to wash up, and minimal work with simple ingredients. The creamy, flavorful sauce decked out with mushrooms, spinach and red tomatoes the perfect accompaniment to the lightly breaded chicken. Recipe Of TuscanContinue reading “Tuscan Chicken”

Beef Wraps

Who is ready to wrap up the week with the amazing Beef Wraps. Stuffed with homemade beef kebabs ,sauce and lettuce and rolled in Chapatti Bread. A Perfect complete meal for the whole family. One of the easiest way to have a healthy dinner is through wraps. Especially when they are totally homemade from it’sContinue reading “Beef Wraps”

Chicken Korma

This is a warm, deeply flavorful Chicken Korma/Qorma recipe that has all the authentic flavor with simple, easy-to-follow instructions.  Korma or qorma is a famous or in fact iconic Pakistani dish. It is often served in weddings and feasts. It is rich in spices and some also add nuts; kewra or saffron is also added forContinue reading “Chicken Korma”


One of the most loved foods in the world is finally here! I lightened up a classic lasagna and created this chicken version. It was preferred over the traditional Italian Lasanga dish in taste tests in my family and friends as well. Lasagna holds a reputation of being a crowd pleaser. I mean, who doesn’t likeContinue reading “Lasagna”

Chapli Kabab

Presenting the king of all meat dishes and Kababs, The authentic Chapli Kababs , a prominent Pakistani Dish. A beef patty that’s wholesome and fully packed with flavor. These Chapli Kababs are just so perfect for any occasion or barbeque parties , melting in the mouth every single time. This Chapli Kabab or Beef PattyContinue reading “Chapli Kabab”

Shrimp Pasta

 Shrimp Pasta is one of the perfect easy recipe for a busy weeknight. Pasta and sautéed shrimp and vegetables are tossed in a creamy homemade white and red sauce for a light yet hearty meal.  In this recipe the shrimp and sauce are all made in one pan as the pasta cooks and the whole thingContinue reading “Shrimp Pasta”


Open your mouth big for taking the tiger bite of this cheesy , juicy, perfectly seasoned Beef Burger . In short you can say it ‘ Burger ‘ simply a sandwich consisting of one or more cooked patties of ground meat usually beef with some cheese and lettuce topped with either ketchup , Mayo ,Continue reading “Hamburger”

spicy chicken

Fire Chicken

This South Korean street dish is known as “Cheese buldak” means ‘bul = fire’ and ‘dak=chicken’, when gained popularity then comes up by the name of ” Fire Chicken” As the name completely reflects the actual hotness of the dish . This rich , super super spicy and gooey cheesy fiery perfection will make yourContinue reading “Fire Chicken”


Homemade Pizza

Let’s ditch the delivery and bake up our own easy , cheesy ,saucy and delicious home made pizza . We are a pizza loving family ! And when it comes to making it , my kids are always ready to be my mini helpers. They just love to shape their dough with those cute LilContinue reading “Homemade Pizza”

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